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Understanding Discipline

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Understanding Discipline Authority and the Nature of Authority P5, P6, M4 Russ Sheath Authority: 'The right to control or direct the actions of others; legitimized by law, morality, custom or consent.' www.mdk12.org/mspp/vsc/social_studies/bygrade/glossary Authority is very important in the Uniformed Public Services as this allows for members of higher rank to be obeyed when giving out orders. Authority is the power and responsibility placed upon someone to control subordinates. An example of authority would be a Drill Sergeant giving drill commands to a squad when doing drill; the Sergeant has been given the necessary authority and responsibility to perform this. Authority can be shown in many ways such as rank, tradition or by law. Describe four types of authority There are four different types of authority and these are authoritarian, dictatorial, consultative, and participative. Authoritarian authority is a type of authority where there is a strict hierarchy, and order always gets passed down it. All orders given must be obeyed and carried out. And where orders are not completed there is bound to be punishment. This is based around leaders because authoritarian leaders do not take advice from subordinates. Some would describe severe authoritarianism as dictatorship. Dictatorial authority is a very severe version of authoritarian authority. ...read more.


The influence of which the person who holds the authority within a team can have a huge effect upon how his or her team respond and act towards them. When a person with a high rank or has a lot of authority they can influence the way in which individuals think without trying to enforce it, this is because the individual would have a huge amount of respect for them and would respect their views. They may have influenced the individual because of their knowledge, or charisma, or past achievements or expertise. Corruption is an important part authority because if somebody in the uniformed public service is corrupt then he or she would need to be punished. Corruption can take place in all of the uniformed public services and can take any number of forms. Corruption can also happen for many different reasons such as a lack of authority or a lack of an individual's self-discipline. As in any walk of life corruption sometimes unfortunately takes place in the public services. An example of this Policemen accepting bribes to turn a blind eye, this is usually because policemen don't want to have to do the follow up work to convicting the said criminal, and will accept payment to turn a blind eye, this usually takes place when the crime is to do with money laundering and drug dealing. ...read more.


When a story gets published about the uniformed public services the public usually have a high interest in what it's about as it can sometimes end up affecting them. This would end up in the uniformed public services losing the publics trust, which can affect many other things such as fund raising schemes etc. By losing the publics trust it would also affect the communication links which the uniformed public services have, as many people wouldn't want to co-operate anymore. The public would fear the uniformed public services as they would be scared about this happening again or even to themselves. This would make the members of the uniformed public services job very hard as they would need to build back up the trust to create these links again. Another consequence for lack of authority in the uniformed public services would be the punishment which they would get from the uniformed public service. The punishment in which they would receive would depend on how corrupt they were, it could be anything from doing laps to being kicked out of the uniformed public services. For example if there was a repeat of what happened in the My Lai Massacre then nowadays they would be kicked out of the uniformed public services as this would be abusing peoples human rights. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Griffin ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

There is much of value in this essay but it does lose out by confusing authority, power and leadership and not clearly stating which it is about. I suspect that the writer is unclear. Sound research and preparation would have helped.

Marked by teacher Dennis Salter 04/04/2013

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