It is chance that destroys Oedipus not human failing. Do you agree? "Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown". Some people think that fate is an unavoidable part

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It is chance that destroys Oedipus not human failing.  Do you agree?

 “Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown”.  Some people think that fate is an unavoidable part of every characters life.   Every creature has to die; it is either sooner or later. No matter what fate is destined for someone, human wilfulness is like a virus that can make a life end faster than it should.  Yes, fate contributes to the end but the wilfulness also can bring a person’s life to an end.  End is equal to destruction.  At the same time, the end for Oedipus also represented discovering his own self- knowledge.  Destiny of Oedipus is equal to the truth.  Theban legend believed strongly in the inevitability of fate. Throughout the course of king Oedipus’s life” he was destined one day to kill his father and to become his own mother’s husband (this prophecy made by Apollo) seem inescapable. Surely, fate put him in the certain places, at certain times.  However, it’s his choices and action that ultimately lead to his downfall.

People have free will but fate also plays a part in human life.  Sophocles, in this play demonstrates how fate and human choice are closely linked.  Oedipus had been told about his unavoidable prophecy however he tried to use his free will and choice to determine his destiny.  He loved his parents Polybus and Merope, and so used his free will to choose to fled to avoid fulfilling the prophecy.  Again fate plays a part driving him towards Thebes and it is fate that means he meets Lauis.  However, it is not fate but Oedipus’ temper and pride (his human failing) which forces him to murder his own father “I was angry and every man of them there I killed.”  If only Oedipus could control his temper, perhaps he could alter the course of his life.

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“I Oedipus, whose name is known afar”…” I grieve for you my children”, clearly it is  his excessive to his pride that give him power to search for a “ polluter of the land” also searches for his own identity.  He acknowledge that “I will fight for Laius as if he was my father” … “If anyone of you knows whose hand it was that killed Laius, let him declare it fully now to me” this is a strong dramatic irony provided by Sophocle that make our audience laugh in tear and yet fell pity for Oedipus ...

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