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Task 3 - Maintenance 1. There are numerous pieces of software that help you to keep you're computer running efficient and safe. Some of these pieces of software are included on your operating system, but also some are 3rd party, which means you have to purchase them from someone else, whether it is a download or on a disc. One type of software is a registry cleaner. The registry cleaner goes through your windows operating system registry, and deletes unwanted or redundant files, causing an increase in your computers performance. However you should be careful to ensure that the software is recommended, as if it deletes a wrong file, then your operating system might not run correctly. An example of a registry cleaner is "Eusing Free Registry Cleaner" which is recommended by PC World, and can be obtained for free from the Eusing website. Another type of software utility is a disk defragmenter. A disk defragmenter basically collects partial pieces of the same file from all over your hard drive, and puts them back together into one file. There is a disk defragmenter program available for your use on every Windows OS that has been released, which is fairly simple to use, however if you prefer a more thorough disk defrag, you are better ...read more.


Formatting basically erases all data and also prepares the disk to store your data magnetically. If you have a version of Windows that is XP or under, then there is a handy tool to use that formats your C drive for you, this is called FDISK which can be run from command prompt. If you have a Vista powered computer, then you can use a 3rd party formatting software or partitioning software, such as Norton Partition Magic. 2. How to use disk defragmenter First of all go to Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Defragmenter. You will then get to this screen. From this screen you can choose which volume that you want to defragment. For example if you take a look in the above picture, you can see the E: drive highlighted. To continue, you can either go straight ahead with the defragmentation, or ask for an analysis of the volume you are defragmenting. If you choose the analysis then you will receive this report, which shows you all of the fragmented files on the volume that you have analyzed. When you have received the analysis you can either choose to defragment the volume or just leave it. ...read more.


5. How to install and clean peripherals First of all I will tell you how to install your peripheral. To install the printer, first plug the power cable into the plug socket in the wall. Next plug the USB cable into your computers USB port. Now insert the CD that came with the printer and run the setup file from the CD. When the setup is complete, turn the power on, on the printer and it will configure itself. Now to clean your screen, mouse and keyboard. Take a screen wipe and gently rub it against the screen in a side-to-side motion and cover the whole surface of it. Certain types of monitor will require different types of wipes, as not to damage the monitor. To clean the keyboard and mouse you can simply use the same screen wipe to clean around the keys on the keyboard and the buttons on the mouse. If you want to go more in depth with the cleaning, you can remove the keyboards keys to clean underneath and hard to reach places, and with the mouse, you can remove the ball and clean the dirt from the rollers that the ball rolls on (if you have a ball mouse). 6. For my agenda and minutes see the attached sheet. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kieran Egan Unit 2 - Task 3 Maintenance ...read more.

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