Assess the extent to which features of the Balinese Theatre have become an integral part of current Western theatrical practice

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Balinese Theatre

Many aspects of Balinese Theatre has become incorporated into Western Theatre, these aspects, first introduced by Artaud epitomise his frustration at the lack of imagination in 19th Century theatre as he strived to remove the notion of entertainment and replace it with that of a true theatrical experience.

There are many different qualities of the Balinese Theatre and many techniques were used in it. To begin with I will talk about their use of sound. It was very common in Balinese Theatre for music to be used for dramatic purposes. In nearly every single theatre production some element of music is used whether it is in the scene changes or during the scene. It could either be to relieve or build up tension and emotion. Both of these were used in the Crucifer of Blood, in the first scene there were three deaths of Indian soldiers involving a great fortune of treasure and when the scene ended, relatively slow music was played to calm the audience down else they would have continued the tension onto the next scene which was much more relaxed. In contrast to this, in the third scene the mystery about the treasure returns as does a fear of a curse. Following this scene, music was used to accumulate tension so that it would be able to climax and thus make the audience’s emotion, much more powerful. In this piece it was not only used to create and relieve tension, but also to create a sense of mystery (during the first scene) about the treasure and it planted a suspicious thought in the minds of the audience which definitely helped them engage with the piece.

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In the Balinese Theatre there were often booming musical rhythms and this was used to great extent in Emperor Jones. When Brutus Jones enters the forest; there begins a slow (live) drum beat which gets progressively louder and faster as Brutus descents into madness and becomes more and more in danger. This drum beat was able to set the tone for his actions as they became more and more frantic with the drum beat getting louder. The beat of the drum had a very auditory reference to the beating of his heart which clearly got faster and heavier as ...

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