Discus in detail how one area of design might add to the overall effectiveness of act 3, in Billy Liar.

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Drama Coursework

Discus in detail how one area of design might add to the overall effectiveness of act 3, in Billy Liar.

In your answer you will need to show how your idea relates to other aspects of design.

By Will Oliver

For this piece of coursework I am going how could have added to the overall effectiveness of the set design in act 3.

For our stage we wanted a thrust stage. We had the garden on the stage right and the kitchen on the stage left. The stairs cut in front of the kitchen blocking it from view. The hall was between the kitchen and the garden and the lounge took up all of the main stage going out towards the audience. We put the lounge at the front because most of the action, tension and main parts happen there. We chose to have the audience racked and the rows started at the edge of the thrust. This gave them as much view of the stage as possible. The stage was on a lot lower level then the audience. The first diagram I have drawn at the back will help to explain what I mean.

This stage is what I wanted and I think it works better than the others, purely for the fact that it has certain section for the lounge, garden, kitchen and hall. Also it gives a better impression to the audience that it is a house. Although the stage design was great we did not add enough depth or feel to the set. We did not spend enough time thinking about the set and any subconscious effects it could have. For the set I would make it reflect the different characters in the play. Showing there personalities or the way the feel. I would make the stage have a lot more depth to it subconsciously adding to the play.

In the play Florence (Billy’s Grandma) keeps referring to the side board because she is mostly ignored. Florence is very old fashioned and still keeps ration books, the family don’t really want her there and seem to have neglected her in some ways. When she has a fit Geoffrey (Billy’s Dad) gets frustrated, as if to say not again why should we have to deal with this. For the set you could reflect this using the sideboard. Like Florence it could be old and out of date. Also I would make it look neglected as unwanted just as Florence is. In act 3, I would be removed to show how she has passed on and it was only kept there for her no one else wanted it. The living room would be set on the stage and would include wallpaper backdrops. These would have a dark grey floral Patten. This sort of wall paper would have been fashionable during Florence’s time. This shows that Billy’s family haven’t changed, they’ve been stuck in the past and have tried to keep Billy there too. This could also have a connection with Florence, Billy’s grandmother, who probably did the same with Billy’s mother. The point of Billy’s whole family being stuck in the past is the fact that they are totally unwilling to move on with current fashion and attitudes towards life. Florence is very racial with some comments which show she has not moved on, it shows even more with the clothes she would wear. I picture Geoffrey, Alice and Florence all dressed in dated clothes, lots of browns, grays and dull colors with full length skirts and shirts that button half way up the neck, but Billy would be more fashionable but still dull. This is to show their strictness that has been partly the cause for Billy to go, and that he doesn’t want to be dull and average.

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The furniture in the play would be a lot older than the time it is set in. The table would be very plain with coffee stains and looking very worn down. The sofa would be a dark brown colour which was lighter on the tops of the cochins where the colour had faded over the years. It would have an old blanket that stretched over the top of it. Most of the furniture would be like this, a stained brown and well worn down.  The furniture on the whole would look very depressing, this in a way is like ...

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