Evaluation of Our Performance - Twelfth Night

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Evaluation of Twelfth Night- Jaswinder Randhawa

We performed on the 11th November 2011

I thought our performance went really well as everything went smoothly and no problem aroused. We had an audience of approximately 13-14 members. The Sound effects and music were presented really well as they were placed on cue and had no delay. For example for the first scene the music was Carnival of Animals- Elephant and this had to play exactly when Kazim says

Sir Toby Belch: "What a plague means my niece, to take the death of her brother thus? I am sure care's an enemy to life." Here Kazim was depending on me as when I start the music he steps onstage.

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Also the lighting went very smoothly as Shaquille and Awnit had decided to switch to control the lighting whenever the other was not on stage. We used very simple lighting which gave a general wash of colour a too much eccentric lighting would have modernised and taken the attention of the play. The lighting was also used when we had scene changes and due to not having to move around props the scene changes were quick and easy. It was much easier as keep intact where the audience were sitting and could easily signal Shaquille when we were ready ...

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