Kullark by Jack Davis.

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Aboriginal beliefs and cultural influences have existed for thousands of years. With the movement of European settlement to Australia, many Aboriginals ways of life and attitudes were changed to fit those of aliens, the British. The staged drama, 'Kullark', written by Jack Davis, represents a time of injustice of a group that were considered to have poorer standards to those, of which the white settlers possessed. Davis's print version of his play projects the image of a confused society that is bought inequality because of there coloured skin and the ignorance of white settlers, not willing to understand a race unlike there own. Jack Davis has produced his play to account for the differences in races, by the images of the serpent and the Western Australian map behind the actors, through the use of traditional and untraditional music, languages of both the Aboriginals and the whites, diaries, journals and the historical background of the beginning of Aboriginal and white interaction to influence a response of understanding by the reader and viewer of Australia.
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Davis's use of showing three outlooks of two groups within the Australian society, dramatises the contrast between the past and present. From the early 1800's to the depression and the end of the war to the more present time of 1979 in the Yorlahs household. This concept allows the viewer to take part within a series of events that lead up to what the Yorlahs see as victory for the black man, a time of celebration. This use of staging permits the spectator to become involved in the idea of how the Yorlahs attitude is evolved. Davis has ...

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