Comparison of loneliness in the poems "Mirror" and "Spinster" by Sylvia Plath.

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Comparison of loneliness in the poems mirror and spinster" by Sylvia Plath.

The poems mirror and spinster by Sylvia Plath are unique in the presentation of a theme of loneliness engulfing the protagonists. The poem mirror is written in free verse with no set pattern of rhythm and rhyme. The poem probes into the corners of human nature, Beauty, life and death and deals at large with the eternal truth of human life.  The mirror is isolated and alienated from humanity. It likes to be associated with the wall and through the wall it has plenty of opportunities to reflect on human life-its joys and fears. And it despises anyone that comes between it and the wall, thereby disturbing its meditation in isolation. The wall is a part and parcel of its existence. The mirror serves as an emblem of objective truth. But it is not cruel. The mirror is a metaphor that teaches humanity that appearances are secondary. It is like the eye of god that reflects the truth. The mirror is objective about everything it observes, and gives a vent to its feelings without any bias, prejudice or discrimination. It takes pride in its honesty. The mirror also deplores the sad fate of humanity where man is not ready to reconcile to the hard facts of life. By becoming a lake the poetess further dwells on the theme of loneliness. But the lessons that the mirror and the lake give us are rendered futile. The process of ageing is intolerable to the old woman who prefers to take the help of liars in order to harbor the illusion that she is still beautiful.

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The poem spinster by Sylvia Plath is a remarkable poem in that it gives us an insight into the psychology of woman.  The poem is highly feministic in nature as it evokes a number of feministic issues as female identity and individuality. The particular girl or the poetess does not want to be stereotyped woman that is crushed by the brunt of a male dominated society where women are commoditized and objectified. She wants to follow a road that will make all the difference. She will walk on a path that will run contrary to all the others but ...

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