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AS and A Level: JB Priestley

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  1. An Inspector Calls- Inspector Goole

    His sister hadn't let him live it down since. Even now he was considering getting out of bed and knocking on his parents' bedroom door, but he reminded himself of the teasing he endured from his friends, who had been sleeping in their own rooms since they were four. He thought of his sister, who laughed at him every day because he couldn't sleep alone and she could. "Well," he thought to himself, "if they can do it so can I."

    • Word count: 1547
  2. The audience's first impressions of the Birling family

    Priestly said ' I was politically minded to some extent' however he was 'never able to put politics first' The outbreak of war meant that when Priestly was 20, he joined the Armed Services as an Infantry Man. At 25 (1919), Priestly left the army. During his time in the war he had been in active front-line service in France and had nearly been killed when a German b**b exploded at two or three yards away from him. He had also been the subject of a gas attack.

    • Word count: 960
  3. An In Spector Calls - How does Priestly use linguistic and dramatic device to convey his message to the people of 1945 that 'we are all members of one body'?

    Priestly was, himself, a strong believer in the importance of community. He had the prominent commitment, determination, and mood of hope to influence the elections of 1945. He used his 'perceptive mind' and 'skillful pen' to contribute to the gradual change to socialist government during 1945. Priestly's main contribution was supplied in the form of his detective play titled; 'An Inspector Calls'. Piestly completed this masterpiece within the first weak after the war. Although 'An Inspector Calls' can be considered as an impressive detective story and play, it is far more renowned for the message that it carries. Priestly has intended for his play to do more than to simply entertain.

    • Word count: 2914

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