Gothic Storys.

All three stories are based on the Victorian era, they are all examples of Gothic horror. Gothic horror is shown to scare the the reader.

the gothic era normally has a typical ghostley setting, it has to be mysterious and nothing is explained or even described!

"Most gothic novels are tales of mystery and horror intended to chill the spines and cradle the blood. They contain a strong element

of super natural". Most gothic has alot of tension. There is an even stronger build up of tension in short stories.

There three stories show elements and forces beyond an individuals control!, Starting off with the 'tell tale heart'

where here shows that the narrator is mad and signs of schizophrenia as he thinks he is hearing thing, "above all was the sense of hearing acute"

narrator is also questioning the reader which makes us guess hes going mad.

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The narrator never pretends to be innocent, fully admitting that he has killed the old man because of the victims pale blue, film-covered eye.

Then when he kills the old man dued to paranoia, he starts to hear old mans heart beats which makes him confess his wrong doing.

The 'red room' we can infer that the narrator firstly shows eagarness and confidence "you will show me to this haunted room" his mppd starts to swing

into a different emotion as he shows fear "the memory of that story gave me a suddden thinge of apprehension". Finally he ...

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