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letter to the principal

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Dear Principal, I am a form six student and a committee member of the Students' Union. In our school, we have well-appointed facilities and commendable teachers, so I have a deep love of my school. Everyone of us spends more than eight hours in the campus everyday, a campus can be compared to the second home of the student. Also, because I have been studying here for six years, so I definitely realise that what the student is needed, so I have a responsibility to ameliorate our campus and make it better for students' growth. There are three suggestions. The first suggestion is to organise some activities in the last two lessons on every Friday. Nowadays, students and teachers have huge burdens from the school or family. For example, students may have excessive academic pressure, expectations of their own and parents. And teachers may have an excessive amount of works and they are shouldering enormous responsibility, so they will feel stressed too. On that day, there will be some activities provided to students to relax. ...read more.


At the same time, there are some teachers do not have to supervise students and classes, so they can have a meeting or seminar during this time, and it will not affect the teaching progress. And they can use this time to mark student's homework or prepare .This is a meaningful and advantageous program, it is worth to implement it. The second suggestion is that the tuck shop should provide some healthy food to students. At present, the type of healthy food at tuck shop is too few and there are too many junk foods, such as potato chips, sweets and soft drink. At the lunch time, noodles is the exclusive food provided by the tuck shop. It is lack of nutrition but full of fat and full of additive. Also, these days, the number of Hong Kong obsessed students is rising because of junk food and the shortage of exercise. If student always eat it, maybe they will suffer from some diseases like constipation. So the school should ask the tuck shop provide some healthy foods to students and teachers. ...read more.


Also, in the winter, students want to have some hot water to keep them warm, but the drinking fountain only provides cold water. If the school furnish a drinking fountain with hot water, students not only do not need to buy the water, they also have hot water to keep them warm and take the medicine. Furthermore, if student buy a bottle of water everyday, they will waste lots of bottles. So, if this environmentally friendly suggestion can implement, our campus will be clearer and more hygienic. To build up a drinking fountain, we can ask Parent Teacher Association to sponsor. And I suggest that there can be some prefect supervises the drinking fountain during recess and lunchtime. To conclude, the school should organise some activities in the last two lessons on every Friday. Also, the tuck shop should provide some healthy food to students and build up a drinking fountain with hot and cold water. I hope these suggestions would be taken and I am pleased to see our school will be better. Yours faithfully, Chris Wong, Chris Wong ...read more.

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