Composition 1

September 9th 2008

Revised Sept. 19th 2008

How my Life was Changed When it was Almost Gone

        Throughout the many years of my life here on earth, I have survived many near death experiences. Some of them I remember well, others I don’t remember at all. Nevertheless, I’ve been through more than one.

Everything in life has a story, just as everyone has a story to tell. Some people never find that story until they realize how precious life is, and for some people, that moment will never come. Others, like me, have already had that moment. The moment we wake up and realize that our days are numbered, and that every second counts.

For me, that moment was a long time ago. When I learned of how my life was almost lost at birth. Since then I have come to realize these two things: I need to make the most of the time that I have left and that I could die at any time, so I need to know that and be ready. Everything I do must count for something. If it does not, that time was wasted, and I will never get it back.

        At birth I was surgically removed from the womb. That alone is enough to let people know they are here for something. And it would have been enough for me, had I not needed open heart surgery. At three months old, the doctors at the Children’s Hospital patched two holes in my heart. These are the things in my life that I do not remember, but I know they’re true. All I have to do is take a look at the scar that is now a part of me.

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Coffman 2

When I learned why I had the scar, I knew I had to make every second count. Even though I was only two years old, I realized what a precious thing life is. I went along making the most of everything, knowing that at any time it could all be over. Then at ten years old, it nearly was.

        My dad and I were taking a little drive to Blades Store. It is about 2 miles of hilly road from our house. In the winter the roads are usually icy, and that’s where my life was held out ...

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