Looks Could Kill. Barbie is definitely too skinny to be a good role model for anyone.

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Looks Could Kill

Barbie is definitely too skinny to be a good role model for anyone. Many may think that Barbie, six feet tall, 100 pounds and measurements 39-19-33 is a beautiful and perfect model of how every woman should be.  Since Barbie was first invented in 1959, there are many reasons as to why she is not the perfect role model. Barbie may have a perfect figure, perfect family, perfect group of friends, perfect boyfriend, perfect house, perfect hair, perfect clothes and perfect everything, however Barbie is not a healthy and proportional being. In addition, she is a bad influence on society. Lastly, she causes many individuals to develop unrealistic and unachievable goals. The more time spent playing with this doll, the more impact it has on the child. Yes, Barbie has pursued many good role model moments but the thing that has not changed is her unachievable but influencing looks and lifestyle.  Therefore Barbie is a poor influence and should not be anyone’s role model.

Barbie’s body is not proportional or a reasonable size for anyone to try to achieve. The pressure on girls and how they have to look, act and dress is currently increasing throughout the years. Girls have the urge to try to fit in and the only way they can fit in is by looking and acting a certain way. Since Barbie is perceived to be popular, happy and perfect, every girl tries to be just like her. This is an alarming issue. Girls are developing lower self esteem due to the lack of confidence in not being able to be like Barbie. If any human being is her 39-19-33 size, they are suffering from malnutrition. Their body will have trouble functioning because Barbie has an unproportional body. Her body has extremely long thin arms and legs and a short torso with a very uneven chest-waist-hip ratio. This type of unproportional body comes with many dangerous health issues. A body like Barbie would have an extremely weak heart and internal organs that are too weak for the proper purpose of its function. Barbie will not be able to pump blood through her cardiovascular system, digest, breathe, be prone to illness and brain function is not physically possible. Since this look is not achievable, it causes many individuals to develop a very low self esteem. Therefore, Barbie’s body is unachievable, unproportional and should not be consider an ideal for anyone.

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Barbie causes many individuals in this society to develop eating disorders and induce self harm. Over eight million people in America has an eating disorder, 10-15% being males and 85-90% being females. Out of the 89-90% there are 80% of them that are under the age of twenty. Some of this population started to worry about their size and weight ever since the age of four. Many of these girls have an eating disorder.  Some have openly admitted that Barbie has played a huge role as their role model. This means that Barbie is portraying a bad image and is ...

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