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Modernization of Macbeth

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During Gala Enter Macbeth holding cellular phone Tv plays what is supposedly on cellular phone, have some water mark to indicate to viewers that it is a recording Macbeth cues the playing of video Enter announcers, Duncan, cameraman, and audience Announcer in Background : So...Mr Duncan, what do you propose we dot to prevent further loses in revenue? Duncan: Well I suppose we can start by... *Gunshots* *Duncan clutches chest, camera man rushes to him, as well as everyone else...cut (or atleast some action to indicate that people are trying to care for Duncan* Exit Enter Secretary/Lady Macbeth Macbeth grins, as he view the assassination of Duncan Secretary: Mr. President the Guests have arrived Macbeth puts down cell phone: Oh ok, lets begin the festivities then "walks to front door to allow guests in" Enter Ceo, Manager and Investor Manager: Greetings Mr. ...read more.


Lets begin with the feastivites [Improv a bit of this to make it sound a bit more professional] Ceo: Come on Join us, sit down and feast Macbeth: Yes... Yes... Only if Banquo was here, despite him not being able to win the election, he should still join us Investor: Pitty he will not be able to join in our celebration. Still, such petty things should not stop this evening's schedule. Come sit. Macbeth: Where? The table is full Ceo: At the head of the table of course. Macbeth: stop playing with me, or ill have you removed Investor: What are you saying? Ceo (to others): Is he ok? He seems to be delusional. Manager: Maybe we should call an ambulance. He doesn't look too well. Secretary: Calm down, he just probably had a little bit too much to drink from celebrating his win. ...read more.


Macbeth: (wave his arm in front of him signaling get out the way) Get out of my sight!! Away with you... you... you.... Wretched thing. Secretary: (to the guests) Oh, no worries. Just more of his stress getting the better of him. Macbeth: I dare you to challenge me, for I will prevail. Quit mocking me, I will not lose. Exit Banquo's Ghost Again he is gone. But why do you not see. Ceo: Sir, what do you wish us to see? There is nothing of abnormality here. Sercretary: Please, the president has seen better days, and it only worsens. We should leave him to recover. Investor: Yes, I agree. The president is not himself. He should seek help. Good night sir. Secretary: Farewell and good night to you all. Exit Guests Macbeth: What time is it? Secretary: Will be mourning soon. Macbeth: Even spies at my enemy's quarters would not be enough. Tomorrow I shall seek more truths of the future. Secretary: Sir please, for now you must rest. End ...read more.

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