No More Hiroshimas - James Kirkup

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Choose a poem which deals with a poet expressing a point of view on an issue.

Explain what this point of view is and go on to describe the techniques the poet uses to convey this point of view.

A poem in which a poet expresses a clear point of view is “No More Hiroshimas” by James Kirkup. It is narrated from the point of view of the poet, as  a tourist visiting the first city to be hit by an atomic bomb and as the style of the title suggests, it serves as a warning to nuclear weapons ever being used again. We can gather by the clear opinion of the poet that carries throughout the poem that he was traveling there with a purpose - to see how the city has rebuilt itself since its destruction.

We are introduced to the poet arriving at the station platform. An image forms in the reader’s head of the poet stepping off the train bemused and confused by the busy station.

I had forgotten to remember where I was

Join now!

Hiroshima appearing so normal, and mundane is summed up when he concludes:

“I see it might be anywhere -
A station, a town like any other in Japan”

In the same stanza Kirkup uses the weather to build this tone of disappointment. He comments “...the winter afternoon's wet snow falls thinly round me out of a crudded  sun”.

This paradox of snow falling from the sun suggests the weather is not as it should be  - the snow is not crisp but wet and the sun is not shining fully. Similarly life does not seem to be as it should. ...

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