Original Writing - Prose: Commentary on my creative writing piece focusing on The Dubliners

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Tahsin Sabir


After completing my story, I thought I would say how the story that I had written related to the story 'The Dubliners'. The story that I wrote, I related to the theme of paralysis and the risk of death, a vision of the future and also a little about money, which is used in The Dubliners.  I chose this viewpoint on the story as I thought it would relate well to the background I was using.  Especially the theme of death would work well, as death is a very common situation so it helped when I dramatised the theme.  Also I decided to use the times of today, as I thought it would be more easier to relate to 'The Dubliners' using a situation in a lower/ middle class background, but using a cultural difference.  I also decided to use third person narrative, as I thought it would be clearer in third person.  I did try to use first person, but I had a bit of difficulty in putting a point across, so I decided to use third person, as I found it much more flowing to do.

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I decided to start off with a line, which explained the background so the story would be easier to understand, as I used a different culture.  If I had gone straight into a story, the story may have been hard to understand.  I included a little introduction to the character and the backgrounds, so the reader would notice what culture I was trying to show and how I was trying to relate it to The Dubliners.  I think the introduction to the character and the culture, is a very important thing in my story.  This was only in the ...

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