Poetry Comparison

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Comparing poems for English literature – example with details filled in Heaney – Blackberry PickingClarke – The Field MouseWhitman – Patrolling BarnegatHopkins – InversnaidSubject Write a short description (one sentence) of what each poem is about.Picking blackberriesCutting the hay – a field mouse is killedA stormy night on the New Jersey coastA beautiful place in ScotlandTheme What are the main ideas in the poems? Hope and disappointment – things never live up to our hopesThe fragility of natural and human lifeThe power and danger of the natural worldThe beauty of nature and why we need wild
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placesMeaning Is each poem straightforward or ambiguous in meaning? What do you think it means?Fairly clear move from optimism to pessimism – blackberry picking as a metaphor for other thingsLess obvious – subject changes from hay-cutting, to wounded mouse, to worries about childrenVery straightforward – nature is shown as powerful and majesticMoves from description of wonders of nature to reflection on why we need to preserve itViewpoint What is the viewpoint?Adult recalls childhood experienceParent concerned for childrenObserver filled with aweObserver filled with wonderTone and mood Comment on each poem’s tone and mood. Does either poem make any use of humour ...

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