To what extent can the reader sympathise with the creature in Frankenstein?

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To what extent can the reader sympathise with the creature in Frankenstein? The cruel and heartlessness of monsters are often used in Gothic fiction to create a feeling of horror and terror in the reader. In Frankenstein, Shelley takes the creature further than this by providing him with human qualities making him more abhuman. Sympathy is created for the creature by centring him as the victim of the novel as he is rejected by his creator and society making him relatable to the reader and provoking pity. However the creature’s monstrous turn in using violent behaviour, and initial bias already set up by Victor’s descriptions make it difficult for the reader to sympathise with him. Shelley directs sympathy to the creature by placing him as the victim of the novel. Victor takes on the role of a typical Gothic monstrous mother by rejecting his creature at ‘birth’. Upon seeing his
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creature Victor sees it as a ‘catastrophe’ to have ‘miserably given life’ and instantly flees. Shelley emphasises the feeling of rejection the creature felt by his intertextual reference to Adam in Paradise Lost, saying  ‘I remembered Adam’s supplication to his Creator. But where was mine?’, it demonstrates to the reader how the abandonment of Victor has not only hurt the creature but  left him confused which provokes the readers sympathies.Throughout the novel the creature is cast as an outsider and it is his physical appearance that becomes the main barrier for him. Nobody attempts to look beneath the surface of ...

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