Can the British Education System be described as "uninspiring"?

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General Studies: Education System

As a country Britain fell into the top twenty at place six in 2014 regarding its exam results, however the same year its system was criticised by the Eton Headmaster Tony Little as “un-imaginative”, “un-inspiring” and “un-preparing for the modern world” through this essay it will be considered to what extent these statements are true and the possible ways in which our education system may be improved.

Unchanged since Victorian England our education system is considered to be conservative with its policy and was described as “out-dated and archaic” by the Eton headmaster, the fact is true and links to how we are currently trying to attempt to copy the highly academic schooling offered in areas such as the far East which is ironic considering those countries are now looking at the value of providing children with a more rounded, creative education. Alongside this our education system has been institutionalised since the beginning in primary school, all students are grouped by age, forced to wear uniform, and begin and end school at exactly the same time creating a black and white learning environment throughout all key stages with no variation what so ever, this statement can be backed up by a survey taken by EDGE (a charity promoting practical causes of education) where 8/10 students stated that they were fed up with school and its teaching methods.

However although undoubtedly there are many flaws regarding how imaginative the system is there are also several positives. Firstly once a child takes their GCSEs there is an option at 16 to leave school and take on an apprenticeship instead, allowing students to further their education in a more creative way without damaging their options in the future. Also our syllabus contains creative subjects such as art or physical education allowing those with a more hands on approach to learning to take part in a subject which they are confident with. Finally school trips often occur representing varied methods of teaching used in lessons, key evidence that in fact our system has several imaginative sections.
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Regarding the flaws within the system, with all come solutions, surrounding the current conservative approach to education a new range of subjects could be introduced which would relate to modern day life, not only would such lessons make our system more imaginative but they would also aid in the issue of how it is considered to be un-preparing for the modern world. To solve the final issue of how our education system is institutionalised, instead of grouping by age students could be grouped be mental ability creating a more equal learning environment.

Although clearly outdated it can ...

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