My Favourite Place

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I've just finished some hard homework and I know I've done it wrong. I've had a really bad day; my head is overflowing with worries about SATS tests/ my 'English talk' / that 20-page-essay I haven't started that has to be in by tomorrow. So where do I go? (Although 'off the end of a cliff ' springs to mind, it's not the answer!) I go to my bedroom with a bar of chocolate, tumble onto my bed, press the play button on my video and settle down to watch 'Friends', or 'Trigger Happy TV'. Ah! Much better!
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Purple! That's all you see when you walk into my room. Masses of purple everywhere, followed by a blue beaded lampshade on my light that hangs so low that it brushes your head every time you walk under it. Mirrors, pictures and photographs decorate my room. What's better than having a picture painted by your mum, gold and silver mirrors, and photographs of your best friends smiling down at you from the wall?

There is a lot crammed into my small room! My giant wardrobe (my other favourite place is at the shops, so it has ...

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