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Attitudes towards health questionnaire

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Introduction - In this unit I produced a portfolio of a questionnaire assessing attitudes towards health, one report on immunisation and one report on screening tests. I used multiple sources to gather information and statistics, including writing my own questionnaire to assess others understanding. All of these sections have improved my knowledge of health, illness and disease, as well as develop an understanding of the different factors that affect health and well-being. Questionnaire In this section I created a questionnaire to assess a range of people's attitudes towards health. I assessed a wide range of factors including visiting a GP, monitoring weight, balanced diet, not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption and exercise. By understanding the different concepts of health I can better understand how it affects their lifestyle, as well as how the different factors interrelate. I gave out the questionnaire to 10 different people who I believed had a wide range of attitudes and opinions on the subject, such as disabled and of different cultures to produce a variety of responses. ...read more.


(Please tick one box and comment) Yes ? No ? 4) Can you match the terms to the health problems? (Draw a line between the ones that match) 5) What is your definition of health? (Please comment) 6) Which factors are most important for your health? (Please rank factors in order of importance, 1 being the highest, 6 being the lowest) Eating sensibly Regular exercise Visiting your GP Monitoring your weight Not smoking Limiting alcohol consumption 7) Which statement best describes your view of ill health? (Please tick one box) I'm ill if I feel unwell ? I'm ill if I'm not actively looking after my body ? I'm ill if my social, physical, intellectual and emotional well being isn't like normal ? 8) In the last six months, how often have you visited the GP? (Please comment) 9) How much do you agree with the following statement: 'If I'm ill, I'll self treat first before visiting the GP' (Please tick one box) ...read more.


I drink 50% on the weekend ? I drink mostly on the weekend ? I drink mostly in one night ? 23) Do you smoke? (Please tick one box. If no, go to item 28) Yes ? No ? Used to ? 24) Have you tried to quit smoking, and if so how many times? (Please tick one box) Never ? 1 ? 2-3 ? 4-10 ? 11-15 ? 16+ 25) How often do you smoke in one day? (Please tick one box) 1-5 ? 6-10 ? 11-20 ? 4-10 ? 11-15 ? 16+ 26) How much do you agree with the following statement: 'I smoke more after drinking'(Please tick one box) Strongly Agree ? Agree ? Unsure ? Disagree ? Strongly Disagree ? 27) How did the smoking ban affect your life? (Please comment) 28) How many hours per week do you exercise? (Please comment) 29) What exercise activities do you do? (Please comment) 30) What are the risks of exercising less than 3 1/2 hours a week on your health? (Please tick all boxes that apply) High blood pressure ? Obesity ? Depression ? Dementia ? Breathing problems ? ...read more.

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