"Critically evaluate one of the challenges that professionals may face when dealing with issues of safeguarding and vulnerability"

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“Critically evaluate one of the challenges that professionals face when dealing with issues of safeguarding and vulnerability”

The purpose of this essay is too critically evaluate one challenge professional’s face when dealing with issues of safeguarding and vulnerability.  

Also looking at multi-agency work, and the relevant legislation and guidance on safeguarding. Further discussing the risk, vulnerability, potential conflict and challenges within safeguarding.  

Finally concluding with ways on how positive and effective relationships with service users can be established.


Safeguarding is very important within the health and social structure and it should be every individuals concern, with huge emphasis on every communities playing a big part in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse. Safeguarding relates to need to protect certain people who may be in vulnerable circumstances, who may need care and support and are at risk of abuse or neglect. (Morris, S 2008.)

Strict measures should be in place at all levels to protect those who are least able to protect themselves. (POVA). And local services should work tighter to identify people at risk, and put in place interventions to help prevent abuse or neglect and to protect vulnerable people. (Department of Health).This includes safeguarding any vulnerable person or people against any form of harm abuse or bad practise within health and social care setting. This can be achieve through partnerships between local organisations, communities and individuals. Human Rights Act (1998).

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Challenges around effective safeguarding work is the high number of different organisations and agencies involved.

The Care Standards Act 2000: actively recognise its role in safeguarding, the government thereby provide the vision and direction and ensure that the legal framework, including all the key powers and duties, is clear, and balanced whilst maximising local flexibility. This framework should be sufficient to enable professionals and others to take appropriate and timely safeguarding action locally while not prescribing how local agencies and partnerships undertake their safeguarding duties. (No Secrets)

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