Explain safe practice in the administration and storage of medicines

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Explain safe practice in the administration and storage of medicines – P5

There are many ways safe practice can be promoted. Members of staff who are to be administering medication should understand how they could be administering and storing the medicines in a safer way. In this assignment, I will be shadowing a nurse as it is my first day in placement at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

Safe practice can be promoted through many ways; there were many policies and procedures being put in place for members of staff to follow.  There are six rights which the staff would have to follow. These include: right person, right drug, right dose, right time, right route and right documentation. These six rights will be discussed later on in the assignment.

The first thing I witnessed during my placement was the fact that members of staff would gain consent from the patient for administering the medication.

There were four patients in the bay, the member of staff approached the first patient and explained to them the procedure. This patient was recently admitted to the hospital and did not have an intravenous needle for a drip which can be used for antibiotics. The member of staff explained to the patient the procedure that she was going to be undertaking. The member of staff then discussed about the medication that the patient was on and how the medication could benefit the patient. Then the member of staff explained the possible side effects from the medication that they will be taking. After all this information was given to the patient, the member of staff asked for their consent to carry on with the procedure. I later asked the member of staff to what they would do if the patient was refusing to follow the procedure. The member of staff replied saying “I would firstly encourage them and if they still carried on refusing then I would come back to them later on”. To me this was very good practice as the patient was not being forced to do anything against their own will. The patient later on agreed and the member of staff explained the procedure to them. For example, the member of staff was communicating to the patient saying that the needle will only feel like a small scratch and then once it goes into the client they won’t be able to feel it much unless they kept on touching that area.

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The NMC have certain requirements which would need to be met. These requirements include: to gain consent from clients for any medical treatments they may have, including medication. The client should be provided with sufficient information regarding the prescribed drugs. If the client is not able to give consent, then family members, advocates and other professionals should get together to get the best consent for the client.

By the members of staff gaining consent, it shows that they are following the NMC requirements and are respecting the client’s decisions. If the client is not able to make ...

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