Improving access to sexual health services

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Improving access to sexual health services

Our sexual health service visitor Sarah follows a national government initiative of ‘improving access to sexual health services for young people in further education settings’. This is to give young people who are in further education e.g. college the access to services and to provide them with a better knowledge of sexual health. Some of the key points of this initiative are that sexual health services should be provided for young people in a more accessible format, colleges should be proactive in this provision of services and Young people are a key target group for health services, particularly in relation to sexual health. Introducing and improving on health advice services in further education has a positive impact as it helps young people to avoid STI’s and unplanned pregnancies.

The outcomes of this initiative are that it provides information, advice and services that can help them at any time. Providing access to sexual health services has been proven to be a good preventative and cost effective way. Young people are the group that are least likely to be able to access contraception and sexual health services for many reasons, some may be that adult services are intimidating and it makes it difficult for young people to access. Providing young people with a service that is in a familiar environment that also fits well in with their lives, they are young person-centred which helps to also stop inequality

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Outcome of initiative

        Sarah’s actions

        Impact on young people

        Impact on society

        Easier access to services


Sara takes visits to colleges and intorduces new schemes that the people who attend college are likely to take part in for example an open service that offers  free tests and a free gift ie. Free chlamydia pants, key ring. Also she educates the college about having a free accessible service at college.        

        It will impact young people in a more beneficial way as it works as a preventative measure. It reduces the likelihood of someone contracting ...

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Good work regarding improving young people's access to sexual health services. The work of the sexual health worker was well-described and the benefits of it were linked to the government initiative. I would have liked to have seen a little more information about the initiative - when was it introduced and what prompted it? The writing style was good overall. 4/5