P1-Describe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development for each of the life stages of individual.

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 P1-Describe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development for each of the life stages of individual. Life stagesPhysical DevelopmentIntellectual DevelopmentEmotional Development Social DevelopmentPregnancy This begins when the fertilised egg cell start to divide, after two or more days the fertilised egg would have grown to the size of a pin head. After 8 weeks the foetus would have grown 3-4cm and the eyes, ears, mouth, arms and legs would have started developing. The development of the foetus will continue throughout the pregnancy.When the baby is conceived the brain and the organs start to develop after seven or eight weeks. After four to five months the baby can begin recognising their mother’s voice and sounds they like and don’t like.Babies begin developing emotional feelings after six months of being in the womb as they are able to recognise the mother’s voice and sounds from the outside of the body. The mother’s moods can affect the child’s emotional state whether she sad, happy or stressed as the child can sense her mood.The child does not have many ways of socialising with others in the womb. The only way the child is able to socialise in the womb is if there’s more than one child i.e. twins, triples etc. where they can interact with one another in the womb. The foetus can also respond to touch, sound and the mother, this is also another way for a foetus to socialise from the inside.Birth to infancy (0-3)A new born needs breast milk as it’s easily digestible for the first weeks to help with growth. Babies have for different reflexes which as rooting reflex, this allows the new-born to turn their heads when touched. The grasping reflex gives babies the ability to hold your finger when placed in the palm. The startled reflex is when a new born is startled by a loud noise etc. they stretch their arms and legs. Babies develop the walking reflex when they have been put upright with their feet touching the ground, this will make them attempt movement. These reflexes prepare them for infancy. Once the child reaches infancy they become more aware of their surroundings as they try to interact with others. When they reach two years old their talking becomes clear and walking is easier.From when a baby is born they have the ability to sense objects. Their reflexes help the motor actions which controls their muscles. At this stage the child’s thinking skills is at a limit as they can only perform the motor actions. Once the child reaches the age of one they
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are able to understand and interact with others, as they get older they get older between the ages of two to three their language skills improves giving them good communication skills.Infants develop emotional feelings as they pick up positive and negative emotions from others. Babies enjoy smiling as they get familiar with family members and other individuals whereas at four months they are uncomfortable with people they don’t know.  Infant’s emotions get triggered easily when their toys get confiscated. Infants build an emotionally attachment to their parents so when they’re not around they feel incomplete and this will also emotionally ...

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