P6: Explain two examples of multi-disciplinary working in health service provision -2 case studies - arthritis and pregnancy

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Jessica Bascombe                                                                              Unit 18: Working In The Health Sector

P6: Explain two examples of multi-disciplinary working in health service provision

Mrs. Cullen is 55 years old and has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis

In Mrs. Cullen's case she has to be provided a key worker who would be working with her by ensuring that all her need is met and also involve other multidisciplinary team and inter-agency team within the health and social care setting to take part in conducting a care plan for Mrs. Cullen during the her care planning process. The care worker would get other discipline and agency involve in Mrs. Cullen's case because she was bought from the hospital into the care home so therefore they know much about her medical condition and the type of care she require; it also ensure that beneficial approaches are devised in order to meet her specific needs, and also improve her state of well-being.

The following groups of multidisciplinary team and inter-agency would be involved in Mrs. Cullen's case:

Multidisciplinary teams include:

Radiographic: These teams are very important member involve in the care planning process Mrs. Cullen, this team provide certain level of care for Mrs. Cullen’s case because they only provide limited care as they use X-ray to diagnose the type of arthritis together with the signs and symptoms of her condition. After Mrs. C has been diagnosed to have Rheumatoid arthritis different member of the multidisciplinary team were working hand in hand with one and other to find the suitable medical service and treatment that would help improve Mrs. Cullen's condition without any complications.

Physiotherapist: In most cases skeletal disorder like Mrs. Cullen's Arthritis, exercise and physiotherapy is very important in order to prevent her joint from becoming so stiff, ease off pain and keep her muscles active. Furthermore her key worker in the care home where she has been taken into can also organize other form of treatment apart from visit from her physiotherapist could be a session of massage, infra-red heat treatment and hydrotherapy (exercising in water) this could be on once a month basis.

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Doctors/GP: The GP and the Doctors is important member because they provide medical history for other teams involved in Mrs. Cullen's situation. Furthermore they also carry out countless consultation session with Mrs. Cullen in order to control and monitor her blood pressure and prescribe necessary medication and treatment that would be best suit her condition. After the GP has pass the information to the necessary team involve in Mrs. Cullen's case during her time in the hospital the practitioners would use this information to plan how they would meet her specific need and include the necessary agency that help in planning ...

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