P7: Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of three health or social care workers.

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P7: Describe the roles, responsibilities and career pathways of three health or social care workers.

  1. Social Worker

Social work role and responsibilities

Social workers help people and their families adjust to problems in their lives such as serious illness, child abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, handicaps, juvenile delinquency, and anti-social behaviour.  Often they must help people accept situations that cannot be changed.  Frequently they work with the underclass, including the homeless, chronically unemployed, and mentally ill. Most social workers work for the government in offices, hospitals, clinics, prisons, or the courts.  Some also work in nursing homes, group homes, schools, or businesses:

  • Undertaking and writing up assessments, which meet specified standards and timescales;
  • Conducting interviews with service users and their families to assess and review their situation;
  • Offering information and counselling support to service users and their families;
  • Organising and managing packages of support to enable service users to lead the fullest lives possible;
  • Recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular service user;
  • Liaising with, and making referrals to, other agencies;
  • Participating in multidisciplinary teams and meetings, for example child protection, children in need;
  • Maintaining accurate records and preparing reports for formal meetings, which may include reports for Court;
  • Giving evidence in court;
  • Participating in training, supervision and team meetings.
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Available route into social work for School Leavers

 If you are 16 or 17 and are interested in this area of work, you should consider looking for work in social care first.  Talk to your school careers service for further advice.  You could also visit the website www.socialworkandcare.co.uk for links to national training organisations that give advice about what to do next or you can go to university after you’ve studied 2 years at college.

The professional qualification to practise as a social worker is currently an honours degree in social work that involves course work and a minimum ...

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