Personal and professional development - my learning influences and career choices

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Personal and professional development


P1: Some learning influences may have barriers that will affect each individual in some way. One influence may be friends, friends may influence you in a positive way such as; motivating you, helping you with your work, the way you act (in class), being positive you can do things, and also sharing your learning experience with you. However the influence of friends does have some negatives such as; not allowing you to do/complete work, making you go out with them (e.g. to a party on the weekend), making you lazy, not allowing you to reach the deadline of assignments and also friends can shape your behaviour in a learning environment.

Another influence may be social networking sites; websites such as Facebook and Twitter by choice have overtaken many young people’s lives so they have again both positive and negative effects. Some individuals use slang consistently through facebook and also texting, this will have a negative effect on their learning process as they may find it harder to understand correct grammar so therefore delaying there learning process. Social networking may also have a positive influence in our learning process because it changes the way we communicate with other and speak. For example there are people who cannot communicate face to face, so they find it easy to communicate on social network. 

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Another influence may be the internet and search engine sites such as Google, they have a positive influence on our learning process as they can search information very quickly which develops our knowledge and increases our learning process. However internet may hinder our learning process’s as we may be less creative and too dependent on the internet for knowledge and ideas rather than for example, reading a book.

M1: One very big influence on my own personal learning process is my parents, from a young age both my parents encouraged me to read books and allowed me to ...

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This essay discusses personal learning and the skills required to be a nurse. It is a little confusing in what it is aiming to answer but is complete in the work presented. At times, it is a description of skills rather than an explanation. This could easily be amended and enhanced by trying to say why it is necessary to have these skills. Examples would also help. ***