Theories of the communication cycle and group formation

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Theories of the communication cycle and group formation

Michael Argyle (1972) – The communication Cycle

Argyle believed that interpersonal communication was like learning to drive, a skill that could be developed. It involves building an understanding of listening, observing and reflecting on what another person may try to communicate. The communication cycle could be:

Ideas occur – You have an Idea to communicate.

Message coded –You consider the options of communicating your idea and put your thoughts into words or sign language etc.

Message sent – You convey your message in a way that you might find more comfortable.

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Message received – The other person notices your message and hears or sees what is communicated.

Message Decoded - The person your communicating with has to try to decode the message ,  they might find it difficult and jump to a conclusion especially if you don’t use  your body language to help.

Message Understood – They will respond on what they understood, it might be a perfect response or they might have miss understood you but some people don’t always understand exactly what you mean.

Bruce Tuckman (1965) how does observations of Communication styles impact on a group/person

Tuckman ...

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