Unit 2 task 1 - Understanding the concept of equality, diversity and rights and their impact on care settings

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Understanding the concept of equality, diversity and rights and their impact on care settings

Equality, diversity and rights are one of the most important things within health and social care. Without equality, diversity and rights, practises in health and social care environments would be unfair and lots of problems would arise.

This unit looks at how health care professionals can ensure that service users are treated equally and fairly, and that they receive/are able to do everything that their rights should allow them to do.

Discrimination is when someone is treated unfairly due to their sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, skin colour etc. Discrimination can affect people in lots of different ways in health and social care; it could have a negative impact on how others view them, and could affect the quality of care that they receive.

My setting I have chosen to base this unit on is a local primary school. Discrimination can occur in schools, for example children may be denied admission to schools due to things like their culture, religion or family status. Teachers may also treat children who are already members of a school differently due to their individual differences, for example a teacher could discriminate against children who have foreign accents by not allowing them to read aloud during reading time.

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 Discrimination can happen in all sorts of environments, for example:

Work places - people can be discriminated against by employers who don't hire them due to their association to a group, like religion or culture for example. Some people may be promoted over other people due to their individual differences, even if the person who didn't get promoted was more suitable than the person who did.

Public places - people may get discriminated against in places like restaurants, hotels, hospitals or sports facilities due to characteristics that others might be uncomfortable with.

Legally - people may be mistreated, or have ...

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