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Explain why the Sans Coulottes had so much power by 1793

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Explain why the sans culottes had gained so much power by 1793 (12) The Sans Culottes had gained a lot of power by 1793 and this could be down to three different factors. The first factor is the Austrian war. The convention had run out of soldiers to use on the front and the Sans Culottes decided that the best way forward was the levee en masse. This was a mass conscription of every man over the age of 18 to fight for France. The Sans Culottes also offered to round everyone up, but this did not come for free. ...read more.


The vote also gave the Male sans culottes more power as they could all now vote and so with just this one factor they had gained a huge amount of power. The second factor is the September massacres. While all the men in Paris had been sent to the front a rumour spread about the counter revolutionary suspects in Paris's overcrowded prisons. This rumour was that they planned to escape and kill Paris's populace. Danton the minister for justice at the time called for their execution and the Sans Culottes were only too happy to oblige. ...read more.


The deputies had to comply as this was the first time an elected body was held at gunpoint to do something. When the Girondin ministers and deputies had been arrested it left only the Montgnards and the plain (who had previously formed an understanding). With the Sans Culottes already exerting a lot of power on the Montgnards and with the opposition in the convention weakened if not gone altogether, this gave the Sans Culottes a large amount of power. It was down to their sheer size that the convention felt threatened by them, and rightly so as they had the numbers and the firepower to set up a revolutionary commune. ...read more.

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