How significant a role did Britain play in the War against Germany, 1939-45

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How significant a role did

Britain play in the

War against Germany, 1939-45

Britain was the only country to fight in the war from beginning to end, the French were defeated very early on, and Russia and the USA joined in 1941. In my following essay I am going to illustrate, how significant a role Britain played in the war against Germany, 1939-45.

My first point is the Battle of Britain. Hitler wanted to invade Britain, and he believed that if he took control of the skies, then he could send his navy over the channel without having to worry about the Royal Air Force. The Luftwaffe started attacking British airfields, but the RAF fought back and kept control of the sky over Britain. The Battle of Britain is a significant point because; it was Germanys first setback of the war. It kept British hopes alive, if Britain was invaded, Germany would have almost certainly have won the war. Also winning the Battle of Britain meant that the USA could use Britain as a springboard to get into Northern France. In my opinion Britain winning the Battle of Britain was the most significant point of the war,

The Battle of Britain was Germanys first defeat, but their first defeat on land was in North Africa. In July 1942, the Axis forces led by Rommel drove the British out of Libya, back to El Alamein. But in doing so, they used all of their supplies. Without oil and food the Germans could go no further, which gave the British troops time to reorganise and counter attack, causing the first German defeat on land.  Winning the Battle of Alamein meant that Hitler did not have access to oil, or the Suez Canal. It also meant that Britain were in reach of the “Soft under-belly of Europe”. Winning the Battle of Alamein was reasonably significant, as it gave Britain an opportunity to attack Nazi Europe from the south.  

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The first major sea battle of the War was the Battle of the Atlantic. For Germany, it was important to win for two reasons. The first was so they could starve Britain by destroying supply ships with U-Boats. The second reason was to try and stop the USA from entering the war, as the only way to Europe was across the Atlantic. The German U-boats were a big threat to British ships, and the British used two things to help combat them. The enigma coding machine was found on a U-Boat, and enabled the British to crack the codes on ...

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