Incidents in the life of a slave girl.

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Donny Moore

Ms. Johnson

1st period

10th grade literature

        Harriet Jacobs' words in Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl clearly suggests that the life as a

slave girl is harsh and unsatisfactory. In this Composition, Jacobs is born a slave, never to be freed. She

struggles through life in many instances making life seem impossible. The author's purpose is to state to

thepeople what happened during slavery times in the point of view of a slave. Her life is so harsh that

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she even hides from her master for 7 years in a cramped space in the top of a shed without any room to

walk. The theme of the story is a statement on how slavery was much more harder on life than many

people may have thought so during the time of slavery. Many people during these times thought that

slaves were happy where they were and that their lives were much easier in the southern states than in

their home country. Even though Jacobs is not born in her home ...

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