Why did America get involved in the Vietnam War

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Why did America get involved in the Vietnam War

The opinions on the Vietnam War were split in America from the beginning to the end. It proved to be the most controversial war America had ever experienced.

In the early 60s, most Americans were very ignorant about Vietnam. They just saw it as a little concern. They were an extremely confident nation who had never lost a war to date, and whose resources were limitless. So they naturally assumed that all their weapons and firepower would ensure victory in a couple of months. Patriotism was very strong in America at that time. Many people remembered the McCarthy trials of the 1950's, so people were extremely aware of the anti-Communist feelings in the country in the early 1960's.Most Americans believed the 'Domino Theory' during these years, and so most were in favour of military involvement. So part of the support to military involvement was down to ignorance and arrogance. The 'Gulf of Tonkin Resolution' of 1964, illustrated how people felt about military action. This resolution gave President Johnson the power to go to any measure he thought necessary to defend 'freedom' in South East Asia. Only 2 people ion the whole of congress didn't vote for Johnson to have free rein in Indo China. This shows they were extremely keen to get involved.

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However, The opinions differed depending on where you were in the country. For example, the Mid-West and southern counties were very conservative and patriotic, therefore pro war. But if you headed to the coasts, for example California, San Francisco or New York, you would find more democratic and liberal attitudes.

The generation gap also played a part in the differing opinions. The older generation was mostly pro war after their experience of World War Two. This had been mostly a positive experience for them, and had brought prosperity to the country. They still retained the more conservative attitudes of the ...

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