Why did Reagan win by a landslide in 1984?

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Why did Reagan win by a landslide in 1984?

Ronald Regan changed American political with his new, modernist policies such as Reaganomics.

Reagan’s previous experience of being a television personality on shows such as General Electric Theatre, and acting in Hollywood movies besides stars such as Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart. This landed him in celebrity culture and made him a household name. Comedy was one of Reagan’s strengths, and he had the ability to attract attention from congress and the public, as he spoke in an oratorio style. When having a debate against the Democrat opposition Walter Mondale, he humorously claimed that he was not going to exploit his opponent’s ‘youth and inexperience’. This gave Reagan a large amount of positive press from the media, and meant that he had a greater advantage in attracting the public interest, to help gain the vote. I believe this factor largely caused him to win by a landslide in 1984. Although Ronald Reagan was seen as being an attractive personality; some could argue that the Republicans’ advantage over the Democrats was mainly due to the poor leadership of Walter Mondale. Mondale, who lacked media presence, was seen as being less attractive than Reagan. His Equal Rights Amendment proposition was deemed unpopular for Middle America, as many believed that Civil Rights had taken up a lot of focus in past presidential terms. Furthermore, Mondale’s female Vice President received negative press after Reagan criticized her with ‘what if she is supposed to push the button to fire the missiles and she can’t because she has done her nails?’ This made a large amount of the American electorate question the effectiveness of having a female vice president. The weakness of the Democrat party’s leadership greatly contributed to the landslide win of the Republicans.

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Reagan previously being the Governor of California, had gained a monumental amount of experience. California is the richest state in the USA, and furthermore has the largest population. This gave him a considerable amount of experience in leadership, and he was seen as being a reasonably successful governor. Secondly Reagan had managed to successfully endure his first term in office as President, successfully working with Congress, and regularly visiting Cabinet. This gave him a large amount of respect, as presidents such as Carter failed to work on legislation bills with congress, and rarely visited Cabinet. Having previous experience with the ...

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