Why did the Reds win the Civil War - Russia essay plan

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Bullet points (Evidence and explanation)


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The Reds won the Civil War for many reasons, but some are specifically more important than others. Some factors such as…

* Geographical advantage

* Strong leadership

* Unity and organisation

* Support

Paragraph 1


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The geographical advantage of the Reds helped them with the Civil war because it provided them with military benefits that the Whites did not have.

Geographical Factors

* Reds: Held central area of Western Russia – Moscow + Petrograd = population for conscription

* Whites: Scattered amongst Russia

* Reds: Controlled large industrial centers → produce war supplies → deliver them efficiently amongst soldiers
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* Whites: Communication difficult, hundreds of miles separated different armies – created disunity

* How did this help them win? Because they had abundant resources while the Whites did not…

Paragraph 2



The Reds won the Civil war partly because of their enemy’s disunity and lack of organisation. The Reds could therefore exploit the White’s major weaknesses in order to secure a victory.


Unity + Organisation

* Whites: Some members were liberal and just satisfied with the returning of the Provisional government

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