Why the U.S.A lost the Vietnam War

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Why the U.S.A lost the Vietnam War

        The USA lost the Vietnam War for a variety of reasons, eventually resulting in them unable to continue fighting anymore. I will state in this essay the reasons why, in my opinion, the U.S eventually lost the war.

        The first and one of the most important reasons is that most of the American soldiers had no previous experience of guerrilla warfare and so did not know how to act tactically. This also meant that they did not know how to cope with the NLF’s hit and run tactics. The NLF was able to slowly pick off the Americans before blending back into the population of South Vietnam. This also played a part in the Americans not knowing their enemy.

        The American soldiers were in some cases unaware of why they were in this war. As well as this most had no real idea of what they were fighting for. This lack of motive resulted in the American soldiers not giving their all. They were somewhat unaware of the situation and so didn’t give the war there all. This was contradictory to the Vietnamese soldiers however, as they were clearly fighting for their right to independence and communism. This gave them drive and pushed them on even when times were hard in the War. They had belief in themselves and this showed in the later part of the longest war in the 20th Century.

        The U.S soldiers, when they were eventually deployed, were on foreign turf. They were not used to the jungle surroundings, which was therefore of advantage to the NLF who mostly knew the jungles of South Vietnam like the back of their hand. They were able to set up booby traps and follow the Americans around unto their knowledge. The NLF was in control of the terrain and so knew when to time their attacks and when to expose the inexperienced American soldiers.

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        When in Vietnam, the U.S soldiers struggled to identify the NLF. This was because by day the Vietcong mingled with the peasants and acted as the normal Vietnamese. The Americans therefore assumed that the people working in the fields were innocent, and simply ignored them. The NLF also wore the same clothes as the peasants, which made them unidentifiable. This was unlike the Americans who were easy to spot due to their uniforms and the way they looked.

        Even when the Americans were able to pick out who they believed to be in the NLF, they were unable to communicate ...

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