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Autobiography of Altan Halit.

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AUTOBIOGRAPHY My name is Altan Halit. I was born in England, London. My father's nationality is Turkish Cypriot and my mother's nationality is Irish. My mother comes from the northern side of Ireland. I also have to sisters in my family. One of tem is age sixteen and the other is age seventeen. My age is fourteen years of age. I believe that my character can be sensitive because I do have a lot of feelings on which a lot of people don't know about. I am ambitious well that is what I think because I feel that I can make something of my life. I am looking forward to my life. If you ask my family or friends they will say to you that I can be very lazy at times. That is only because to tired to do any thing. When I was younger I feel that I was to shy to talk to other people, and to make friends. But thinking towards myself I feel that I am over the shyness. I can be very responsible but this in my own and personal life. Sometimes I feel that I can be funny towards other people or to my friends, but this is when I want to. ...read more.


There is one lesson in school that I feel I don't need and that is French. I just don't like it. I'm not rubbish at the subject but I feel that I ain brilliant at the subject either. A lot people say that I am fussy with a lot of different kinds of food. I don't like vegetables, I don't like fish, and I don't like water. I do drink water but only if it has some kind of flavouring. But I like mostly everything else. My favourite food is pizza. I love pizza. My second favourite food is burgers in a bun. I also like chicken, roasted, grill, fried, I don't mind. They are my three favourite foods. I like any kind of clothes, except for alumnus coloured clothes. The kind of music I like is garage music. I like pop music, and I like house music. But I absolutely hate rock n roll. I do go to some clubs out side of school. On Sundays I go to a drama school. I really enjoy this as I feel that it gives me confidence in my strange but any a way exciting life. I really enjoy football because I feel that I am an average football player for my age. ...read more.


The place I go to is called Boden Studios. They have their own agency, for people of any ages. It does cost a lot of money but if you think into the future it is well worth it. So I think I could go further in that career. But at the moment I am working more on the way of business, but I am still going to follow the acting career as a hobby. There aren't any things in particular that I am angry in life. There are a lot of things I am looking forward to in the future and that is about my acting career. I don't know how far I will go in my acting career, but I am still looking forward to it. Some times I think about how I will turn out, in that kind of career. I also think about my business opportunities. In say fifteen years times I could see my self, hopefully, in my own office, with my own desk, working for a big business company. As you can see my life is quite mundane really, at the moment I like my life a lot. I hope things change in the way of business because it seems very hard to be successful in, and as nothing changes too radically in the career of business. I hope you have found my autobiography interesting and something good to look at. Altan Halit 10C ...read more.

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