Autobiography of Altan Halit.

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My name is Altan Halit.  I was born in England, London.  My father’s nationality is Turkish Cypriot and my mother’s nationality is Irish.  My mother comes from the northern side of Ireland.  I also have to sisters in my family.  One of tem is age sixteen and the other is age seventeen.  My age is fourteen years of age.  I believe that my character can be sensitive because I do have a lot of feelings on which a lot of people don’t know about. I am ambitious well that is what I think because I feel that I can make something of my life.  I am looking forward to my life.  

If you ask my family or friends they will say to you that I can be very lazy at times.  That is only because to tired to do any thing.  When I was younger I feel that I was to shy to talk to other people, and to make friends.  But thinking towards myself I feel that I am over the shyness.  I can be very responsible but this in my own and personal life.  Sometimes I feel that I can be funny towards other people or to my friends, but this is when I want to.

My relationship with my parents is quite good sometimes.  I get on more with my dad, but that could be because I live with my dad. I do like my mum as well but I do have a lot of arguments more than I have with my dad.  I still see my mum a lot, because she comes to the house nearly every day.  I have two sisters but only one of them lives with me.  My youngest sister is aged sixteen going on seventeen in November, and my eldest sister is aged seventeen going on eighteen in November.  I prefer my oldest sister Ayla because I don’t argue with her, which might be because I don’t live with her.  But I still prefer her to my other sister Zera.  Zera is the more bossy type.  She never stops moaning, every thing has to be clean and tidy.  She is just like a second mother towards me than a sister.

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My friends are very important to me.  I have two best friends, but I won’t mention their names.  One of my friends is very similar to me in many different ways, and I have known them since I have moved to Enfield.  I see him everyday and we can talk about most things in life.  I am friendly with his whole family; well that is what I think.  My other best friend is the kind of person who I can talk o about life.  This important to both of us I think, well it is to me because we ...

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