'Compare the presentation and content of the article in the Mirror and the article in the Guardian.'

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‘Compare the presentation and content of the article in the Mirror and the article in the Guardian.’

…’Communities in Britain aren’t used to gun culture’. However, what is gun culture? Although gun crime is increasing, is it the so-called glamorous ‘culture’ that is fuelling it? On the other hand, is it the society we live in and our failure to instil morals and principles in our children?

        In this essay I am going to compare how a tabloid and the website of a broadsheet presents and reports this issue. I shall be looking at the different presentational devices and visual images used, language and the structure and context of the material.

        Firstly, the difference in media is immediately clear. The Mirror, a tabloid paper, has a big picture of Ice Cube the rap artist spread across two pages as its main focal point with the heading ‘Don’t let music take the rap’. In contrast, the Guardian’s website has very little in the way of pictures and has the text as the main focal point with a small heading. As this is a broadsheet, I would expect it to be much the same in the actual paper. On the other hand, both papers have used puns in their headings. The Mirror uses ‘Don’t let music take the rap’ and the Guardian uses ‘Bullet points’. Both headlines are used for the same reason- to catch the reader’s attention and to inform the reader what the article is about. Furthermore, in the tabloid paper the picture of Ice Cube holding a gun promoting his film is very similar to the one of Trevor Nelson in the main article, since they are both wearing black leather jackets and black hats. Implying that both of them are involved in the same sort of lifestyle. The Guardian does not use such presentational devices to make the article more appealing to the reader but it does have a small picture with the words ’Gun violence in Britain‘ on a red back ground suggesting blood.

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Both papers have a number of articles relating to the main subject but have them displayed in very different ways. The Mirror has a number of small columns relating to the main editorial, which are spread around the outside of the two pages, Dealing with various aspects of gun culture, so as to hold the readers attention the info has been broken down into digestible ‘bites’. On the other hand, it may distract the reader’s attention from the main article. However, the Guardian has a number of hyperlinks to related articles so there are no other actual pieces on the ...

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*** This is a good essay. Some of the presentational devices and linguistic features have been analysed well and points have been supported with apt quotations. The analysis would be much stronger if the candidate had made more links to readership and political leanings.