I would say that's the biggest thing I have learned from music. Is the prospect of how beautiful things can become if looked at in more than one way. Music showed this to me and taught me a way to be able to finally express

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        Elizabeth Dao

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        In "The Art of Eating Spaghetti," Russel Baker's discovered his passion to become a writer. Wrting was the only talent and it was the only outlet for him to find who he is.

        If there was one thing that I’ve noticed that has changed me, that is music.  Before I got into music, I was someone completely different.  But then about 10 years ago, I finally bought my first music CD; it was a soundtrack to the movie, Crow: City of Angels.  That day, something just clicked in me, like a missing piece of a puzzle.  After that, while my sister was at school, every chance I got I went into her already extensive music collection and began listening to more and more music.  It was essentially a snowball effect from there.  I just kept getting my hands on more and more music until I’ve amassed currently almost 500 albums.  

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        Much of my personality changed as well.  It changed many of the ways I looked at the world because I started hearing so many more perspectives on it through the music.  Instead of just a visual representation I had grown up with, I now had an audio representation of the world.  So many ways of translation just coming straight to me through my ears.  My views just broadened up so much and I started to accept much more into my life.  I used to never like change.  If I was at a restaurant, I’d get only what I absolutely knew ...

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