Textual Analysis - Oxjam

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Textual Analysis - Oxjam

The Oxjam campaign consists of two adverts, the first advert is a collage of ticket stubs from music concerts in the shape of an N and text; these are the signifiers. This can be broken down into the denotation and the connotation.

The denotation of the image is simply ticket stubs from concerts arranged to form a giant capital N, however when anchored by the text below it, which reads, “people of Nottingham, put on a musical event for Oxjam and raise money for Oxfam" the connotation of the advert is that a musical event in Nottingham could be organised by members of the public as part of the "Oxjam" event in order to raise money for Oxfam.

The second advert uses the signifier of a cartoon drawing playing guitar and various other instruments and text. On a denotational level this advert consists of an image of someone playing guitar, but when anchored by the text, specifically: "Make Music. Raise Money. Change Lives" and "So, are you in", the connotation of the advert is again that you could raise money for Oxfam by putting on or performing at a live show in your local area.

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Many of the same syntagms have been formed from the choice of paradigms. The images are both very iconic in that they both represent live music, one image is tickets from various concerts and the other is a person playing guitar. These have both been used because of their obvious connotations with music and live performances, we associate tickets with paying to see a band live and we associate a person playing guitar with said live band. From the paradigm of the type of images to use, images which have strong connections to youth and a younger more fashionable ...

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