The first concert I attended was performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra had performed Shostakovichs Symphony NO. 7, Leningrad from the Romantic era.

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The music played throughout all of the concerts adhered to be diverse. The instruments, the individuals performing, and the conductor all proved to be outstanding. The concerts proved to be interesting as I witnessed them, first hand.  

The first concert I attended was performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra had performed Shostakovich’s “Symphony NO. 7, Leningrad” from the Romantic era. The orchestra was a large ensemble (1) containing various instruments that contributed to the overall sound of the piece. Since the orchestra was a large ensemble, just like the instrumentation common in the Romantic era, the orchestra was able to perform in a lively, vigorous manner, probably vivace (2). The orchestra performed tutti (3), in which all of the instruments of the ensemble played together.  Every member of the orchestra played with exactness and steady energy, or in other words, con gusto (4). Overall, all the instruments included in the ensemble were needed for the piece to sound fanciful.

In addition to the large ensemble, the orchestra played in an allargando (5) manner, in which the orchestra grew louder and then softer, which is also common to the Romantic era. As the orchestra progressed through the piece, the orchestra used various bow styles in order to dramatize the music. The ensemble played the symphony using legato, marcato (5), and spiccato (6), which contributed to the immense sound. The composer’s style of this piece was typical for the Romantic era because the composition was extensive, and included the piano, which is a well-known, as well as, important instrument in the Romantic era. The symphony, although has many characteristics included in the Romantic era, is not completely similar to other pieces that I have performed that are included in the Romantic era. Unlike the Shostakovich’s symphony, “Largo”, is a slow and steady piece that includes dynamic fluctuations. Similar to the symphony, the piece “Bacchanale” involves using marcato throughout the piece.

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While the orchestra was performing, the audience sat silent in order to observe the orchestra. All of the members of the orchestra seemed to be attentive to the conductor, which is important because every member of the orchestra needs to be aware of what is going to happen next in the music. The brass and the string had sections in the music, where they were the most important parts. Overall, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performed well as a whole group.

The second concert I attended was performed by the Richardson Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra performed “Passacaglia and Fugue in ...

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