Wagner's Tristan und Isolde - How does the quote above come through in the music?

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“...there is henceforth no end to the yearning, longing, rapture, and misery of love: world, power, fame, honor, chivalry, loyalty, and friendship, scattered like an insubstantial dream; one thing alone left living: longing, longing unquenchable, desire forever renewing itself, craving and languishing; one sole redemption: death, surcease of being, the sleep that knows no waking!”

How does the quote above come through in the music? 

Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde is an opera and the plot consists of a love triangle between Tristan, Isolde and King Mark. Isolde is married to King Mark but Tristan and Isolde both accidentally drank a love potion, which resulting in the two becoming lovers with an unending but impossible love for each other. This unending longing and yearning for desire comes through in the music.

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One way in which this comes through in the music is through regular use of just one long succession of continuous phrases. This creates the feeling that there is no break between phrases and the phrases just continue immediately from one another. Linked to this is the presence of seemingly unending melodies. This is further enhance in bars 78-80 where rhythmic diminution of the desire motif occurs with the addition of a dotted rhythm from glance motif. By making the phrase even longer than it was originally, it stretches the phrase out to make it seem never-ending.

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