All ethical statements are prescriptive. Discuss

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“All Ethical Statements are prescriptive”

The Philosopher R.M. Hare came up with the idea of prescriptivism and what he meant by this basically was that other people should agree with a statement and follow it due to ethical statements having an intrinsic sense. The role of ethical statements is to say what ‘ought’ to be done and such prescriptions are moral because they are universal. Hare then goes on to talk about the word ‘good’ and that we should always link it in relation to a set of standards, and this therefore means it has a descriptive meaning, However A J Ayer’s theory of emotivism allows people to make decisions more efficiently due to the theory describing the workings of the world accurately.

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A follower of prescriptivism might argue that because humans are known for breaking and getting confused with laws and rules to do with morality, that they need an easy straight forward guide to aid them to act on instinct and not have to wait to decide what do to. This will allow humans to act in a logical way and fit into society.

On the other hand one might point out the illogical necessity of a moral guide. Creating a moral guide whether it’s simple or not does not ignore the fact that it has been created merely for people ...

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