If God knows everything there is no such thing as free will. Discuss

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‘If God knows everything there is no such thing as free will’


The word omniscience means all-knowing, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all teach that God is omniscient; however there is often dispute as to exactly how much he does know and if he really does know everything does this diminish our freedom to act as we please?

God’s knowledge of the future may have great implications for the idea of human free will, if God knows that something will happen tomorrow then it is impossible for us to do anything else, similarly if we decide to change our mind at the last minute God even knows this. If these beliefs are followed then it would seem that omniscience and free will are incompatible. Because if God knows the outcome of every future decision we make then we can’t be free.

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However, as humans we feel as though we are free, when I choose what to wear in the morning it is my decision, so it may be argued that just because God knows what I will decide it doesn’t mean that I was not free, maybe out definition of freedom needs addressing. Instead of defining it was ‘I could have done otherwise’ maybe we should say that we are free if we were not under any external constraint and were amongst the causes of our actions. This is known as soft determinism; in other words this is an attempt ...

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