Comparing Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells.

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Comparing Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cells

A prokaryotic cell can typically be located in such cells as liver cells and contains a large amount of organelles; prokaryotic cells are a lot less complex in structure then eukaryotic cells.

A eukaryotic cell has no true organelles can be found in such organisms as a bacterium

Both these types of cells conduct the same function in the process of the life of the organism but there are some similarities and differences between these two types of cells.

Both the prokaryotic cell and the eukaryotic cell contain DNA, in the prokaryotic cell the DNA is located in the nucleolus found in the nucleus and in the eukaryotic cell the DNA is located in the form of a plasmid, which is a ring of DNA Other small replica plasmids can also be found in the prokaryotic cell, which are parts of the main large plasmid, which contain DNA, which cannot be found in a eukaryotic cell. The DNA in a eukaryotic cell is contain in one place, in the nucleolus where as in the prokaryotic cell the DNA in the plasmids is not contain and can float around freely in the cell. Even though there is DNA in both types of cell in a eukaryotic cell true chromosomes are found where as no true chromosomes can be found in a prokaryotic cell. There is only normally one single chromosome found in a prokaryotic cell, which is then used in the process of replication.

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Both prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells contain free ribosomes, in the prokaryotic cell they are a reduced size compared with the size of the free ribosomes in a eukaryotic cell. They both also contain a plasma membrane, which acts as a selective barrier between the cell contents and the external environment.

Another similarity between the prokaryotic cell and the eukaryotic cell is that they both contain a cytoplasm this is what surrounds the organelles in the cell.

Both the types of cells have a cell wall but in the eukaryotic cells a cellulose cell wall is found where as in ...

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