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Drinks For Diabetics

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James MacDonald Drinks For Diabetics Introduction: Glucose is a reducing sugar commonly found in food and drink. It is one of the few molecules to be absorbed rapidly through the stomach wall (water and alcohol are others). Diabetics have little or no control over their blood glucose concentration and it may suffer a rapid increase after eating or drinking. This increase causes a change in blood water potential and harmful increases in blood pressure. ...read more.


Apparatus: Benedict's Solution Test Tubes Boiling Water Bath Syringe Drinks to test Solutions of various sugar concentrations Variables: Temperature Concentration Ratio of Benedict's solution to drinks Method: First, 2ml of various drinks and sugar concentrations were put into test tubes using a syringe. 1ml of Benedict's was put into each test tube and mixed. All the test tubes were then heated in a boiling water bath. The colours of the various sugar concentrations were noted. ...read more.


I think that the cider and lemonade will have the highest sugar concentrations. I think this simply because these drinks taste sweeter. Results: Colour Sugar Concentration Distilled Water Blue 0.05 Green 0.1 Brown/Green 0.25 Brown 0.5 Orange/Red 1 Orange 5 Orange/Yellow Diet Lemonade Green 0.05 Lemonade Orange 1 Cider Orange/Yellow 5 Tonic Water Orange/Yellow 5 Mineral Water Brown/Green 0.1 Conclusion: The test was not very subjective, reducing its accuracy, although all the test tubes were the same size and had the same clarity, so it was not inaccurate in that respect. The ratio of drinks to Benedict's was kept accurate ...read more.

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