Saccharides - Structure and Function.

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Saccharides – Structure and Function

Saccharides are what we commonly know as sugars, The are composed of carbon, Hydrogen and oxygen and are used in the body for everything from the manufacture of DNA to respiration in cells.

What they are used for

Carbohydrates’ main function in the body is in respiration, a process without which living creatures could not exist, they are perfect for this job as they oxidize very easily. Only 10% of any sugar can be active or in straight chain form at any one time, the other 90% of the sugars are tied up in a circular form of the sugar which ties up the active group of the sugar, hence preventing it from reacting.                   H

Glucose in straight chain form -            C=O





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Glucose in ring form -                  

Active groups

All sugars contain one of two active groups an aldehyde group – C=O or CHO or a ketone group - C


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