The similarities and difference between cardiac muscle tissue and skeletal muscle tissue.

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The similarities and difference between cardiac muscle tissue and skeletal muscle tissue?

The cardiac muscle is found in the walls of the heart and it never stops working because of its continuous aerobic metabolism, this is due to the large amounts of mitochondria and myoglobin.  The movement is automatic and your heart will expand and contract with very little effort. This means that even during sleep your heart will pump at the same tempo as it does at any other time during the day.  The heart muscle is myogenic which means that the muscles in the heart contract by a pulse that is produced by a myocyte. The myosin heads are commonly known as the cross bridges. The characteristics of them is that it has ATP which binds the site to fit all the molecules and it also has a hinge at the point when it can pivot  which causes the muscles to contract. The structure of the cardiac muscle has a branch like structure. It is built in a way so that it can easily expand and contract. The functions of the muscle is to help the cardiac cells. The cells contact the muscle and send the blood to the atria ventricles. The reason why the cardiac muscle has a branch like structure is because is forms a mesh like structure which squeezes the heart chambers forcing lots of blood into the lungs into the entire body.

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Skeletal muscles have different type of structure and functions.  The muscle is attached to bring out the movement of the various bones of the skeleton. The skeleton muscles gives the whole skeleton shape and the covers the whole skeleton. They are then attached to the bodies stretchy tendons. The structure is attached to the bone by tendons which is composed of many connective tissues. The skeletal muscles consists of bundles called fascicles. There are many function of the skeletal muscles. They work in pairs e.g biceps and triceps, they do this to co-oridnate movement. The skeletal muscles work consistently to ...

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