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To understand what enzymes are and what they do.

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Aim: to understand what enzymes are and what they do Background information Enzymes are biological catalysts made up of proteins they are used in the digestive system (to make the breaking down of solids quicker) Types of enzymes * These are three types of enzymes we are concerned with at GCSE level * Amylase-these digest carbohydrates * Lipase-these digest fats * Protease-these digest proteins Temperature and enzymes Temperature is important in enzyme reactions. The higher the temperature the faster the reaction will take place because heat energy causes more colliding with particles. Apparatus * A test tube * A stopwatch * A water bath * Photo film * Protease (pepsin) * Thermometer For this experiment we will be using a protease enzyme (pepsin normally found in the stomach). Protease enzymes digest proteins into amino acids. ...read more.


Trypsim is a protein-digesting enzyme produced by the pancreas. In the investigation the enzyme is used to digest casein, a white protein contained in powdered milk. We put 5cm3 of milk in a test tube and 5cm3 of trypsim. From heating 20c, 30c, 40c, 50c, 60c, 70c, from this I can conclude that the best temperature for enzymes to work is somewhere between 30c and 40cbecause by the time that you reach 50c some of the enzymes had died. Prediction I predict that the speediest reaction will be with the experiment at 50c even though the preliminary work does not tally with this, I think that the reaction should be very quick and should be over by the time that some of the enzymes start to not function properly. ...read more.


When the solution is heated the particles vibrate more quickly and eat at the film but if the temperature is too high the enzymes will get killed. Enzymes work best at your body temperature around 37 degrees Celsius. Another thing that can affect enzymes is the ph levels, enzymes work best at levels between 6 and 8 which is the same sort of ph level in your stomach. Evaluation When looking at my results I didn't think that they were very reliable or accurate and I think that I went wrong somewhere because all of my results were anomalous. If I had had longer time to do more experiments and had better equipment my results could and probably would have been a lot more accurate and because of this I personally do not think that my results are very reliable. Darren tait 10.4 ...read more.

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